Fully Wear Your Smile

Of All The Things You Wear Your Expression Is The Most Important You Are Never Fully Dressed Until You Wear A Smile.

*The music show (MP3 file) for this playlist has been archived and is available upon request.

Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze ( The Essential Jimi Hendrix LP)
Dion – King Of The New York Streets ( Yo Frankie LP)
John Mayal & Eric Clapton Bluesbreakers – Steppin’ Out ( Beano LP)
Paul Brady – Homes Of Donegal ( Back To The Centre LP )Memo From Turner
Jeff Beck – Freeway Jam
George Thorogood & The Destroyers – Movin On
Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
Jerry Lee Lewis & John Fogarty – Travellin’ Band
The Blades – Hot For You
Rod Stewart – You Wear It Well
Bon Iver – For Emma
The Who – Heinz Baked Beans / More Music (The Who Sell Out )
The Doors – Break On Through To The Other Side

Intro Tune: Take It Off The Top – Dixie Dregs
Outro Tune: Theme 1 – Van Der Graff Generator
Background Link Tunes: Mik The Who

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A Dublin music fan, singer, songwriter, guitar enthusiast and presenter of the ever popular Saturday Afternoon Classic Rock Show on Dublin City FM for many years. Mik The Who, nicknamed as such, due to his globe traveling support and devotion to his favourite rock heroes The Who since the late 60’s.Read More

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