Little Wing & Lee’s Wedding Day Soundtrack

The Riptide Movement – All Works Out
Jessie J – We Found Love (Radio 1 Live Lounge)
Bon Ivor – Skinny Love
John Legend – All Of Me
Arcade Fire – No Cars Go
Boston – More Than A Feeling
Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is
The Who – Behind Blue Eyes
Ham Sandwich – Ants
Little Green Cars – John Wayne
The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait
Birdy – Wings
Elbow – One Day Like This
Sinead O Connor – 4th And Vine
Roxette – Listen To Your Heart
Billy Idol – White Wedding
Keane – Somewhere Only We Know
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love (MTW Mix)

Dream Caverns

She woke up in the night
She knew he was standing out there
Looking out the window
Glimpsed his shadow turn and fade away

In awe of her physical virginity
Entranced by the prospect of her innocence
Overanxiously swinging in no man’s land
Screaming inside for acceptance

Lying in bed staring at the ceiling
She won’t come out he won’t come in
Identical opposites with identical fantasies
Scared of the fleeting unknown

Clutching decisions from a fast moving fantasy
Dreams that refuse to be wedded to reality
Mating calls of the primitive growl deep
Inside the caverns of the human memory


Northside Fella’s

Well she’s a real ballbuster
She’s my Madonna look-alike
She works down the newsagents
Down at the traffic lights

They say those pretty black denier tights
Unravel like a cheap cassette
And I’m spending a fortune
On newspapers and cigarettes

I’m a Northside Boy
And I’m wasting my time
She doesn’t want to know
She said she doesn’t want to go

With Fella’s from the Northside
Fella’s from the Northside
You were born on the wrong side
All you Fella’s from the Northside

Fella’s from the Northside
Fella’s from the Northside
You were born on the wrong side
All you Fella’s from the Northside.

Monday to Friday
She works half eight to five
Blowing bubblegum blow jobs
She knows she’s teasing all the boy’s
They wanna be the chosen one

Just for one night
Inner City tom cats
Like flies around light


Do You Really Want Me

You look at me I look at you
You look at me so distantly
I want you to break through this fear
I want you to prove our empathy

I’ve been waiting so long I need to know
Can two hearts beat as one?
I’m lost in no man’s land
It hurts when you misunderstand

Do you want me? To want you
I want you Do you need me?
To need you I need you

When I reach out you turn your pretty head
I say the wrong thing you shoot me dead
Addicted to you woman gone beyond help
Kind of love that can seriously damages your health

Separation attraction on the defensive
Confessing the truth infatuated desperate
Trapped by convention regulations and rules
One day your friendly the next your untouchable

My belief at this point is stronger than anyone’s disbelief
Grabbed by fear flung back into the darkness
If I said I loved you would you beat me over the head with it?
There is a sleeping sea of possibilities if we tap it together


Thank You For Being You

(Medium shffle  blues G D Em C)

Call it a coincidence
A twist of fate
There she was on Henry Street
Call it what you want
I call it a miracle

I want to thank you for being there
I want to thank you for being you
Only God knows
From the bottom of my heart
I want to thank you, thank you

There she was
The answer to my prayers
Black leather jacket
And that blonde tinted hair
Call it what you will
I call it a miracle

Shivering with emotion
Shaking like a leaf
She takeaway my pain
She dries my tears
Call it what you will
I call it a miracle


Hit Me With Them Old Baby Blues

Chorus: E Cm A E  (Recorded version in Key of G capo @ 3rd fret)

Hit me
Ah hit me
With them old Baby Blues
Sit back and watch my heart
Doing a triple somersault

All for you
Hit me one again
Knock me out for ten
See me falling now
And I falling when
You hit me
You hit me
With them old Baby Blues

Verse: A E (EDA) F#m D

I don’t care
If I’m wasting my time
A woman like you makes it all worthwhile
You’re the one
Sets my soul on fire
Both of us know
Why I’ve got to keep on trying

Sometimes just to see you is enough
Sometimes I would drown on a friendly word
Sometimes it’s just killing me, Oh I
Can’t put my arms around these feeling’s inside

When I’m being crucified by insecurity
This isolation is getting to me
You’ve got what it takes to rescue me
Just let those Baby Blues
Cast their spell on me