Be Cheerful And Strong

Life Is An Uneasy Continual Challenge And It Is Up To Us To Be Cheerful And Strong So That Those That Depend On Us Can Draw Strength From Our Example

*The music show (MP3 file) for this playlist has been archived and is available upon request.

Rod Stewart – Stone Cold Sober ( LP Atlantic Crossing)
Blondie – Rip Her To Shreds
Jackson Browne – Lawyers In Love (Lawyers In Love)
Fleetwood Mac – Peacekeeper
The Beatles – We Can Work It Out
Tommy Castro – Gotta Serve Somebody ( Sunday 9th Sept Harvest Time Festival, Monaghan)
Johnny Allen – Promised Land
The Who – Barbara Ann
The Jimmy’s – HaDaYa Ha Da Ya (
Hothouse Flowers – Feet On The Ground (LP People )
Molly Hatchett – Freebird (LP Double Trouble Live)
ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man

Intro Tune: Take It Off The Top – Dixie Dregs
Outro Tune: Theme 1 – Sharp Dressed Man
Background Link Tunes: Mik The Who