Onya O Doherty @ Whelan’s, Wexford St, Dublin 12th April 2006

Onya O Doherty @ Whelan’s, Wexford St, Dublin 12th April 2006

Paid a return visit to see Onya in Whelan’s perform after a busy year that has seen the stunning Donegal lass refine her stagecraft on a relentless touring schedule in Ireland, Europe and America.

Last year I witnessed Onya do a solo opening act performance for West of Ireland flamenco guitar stylist singer songwriter Albert Niland, and introduced us to her own song writing skills that built on the acclaim and wave of popularity her excellent weekly show pieces on the Your A Star talent show generated.

Opening the show in Whelan’s on Wednesday night for the soaringly popular Mullingar band The Blizzards and backed by band mates on additional guitar and percussion Onya’s originals work beautifully.

Onya’s voice is fragile and hopeful with that endearing Donegal accent, singing straightforward, emotionally direct lyrics capturing the feel and wit of her warm, pleasant and affably personality.      

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