Know Where To Shop

People Who Say Money Can’t Buy Happiness Just Don’t Know Where To Shop 

*The music show (MP3 file) for this playlist has been archived and is available upon request.

Steve Miller Band – Jet Airliner (Book Of Dreams LP)
The Move – Tonight
The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar
T Bone Burnett – Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend
Pugwash – Here We Go Round Again (The Olympus Sound CD)
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Waitin’ On A Sunny Day
Pat Benatar – If You Think You Know How To Love Me (In The Heat Of The Night LP)
Hi Heel Sneekers – Cross Section (Quadrophenia Movie Soundtrack LP)
Judas Priest – Don’t Go
Boz Skagggs – Lido Shuffle
The Jam – Start
The Outlaws – There Goes Another Love Song
Dave Specter – Hot Cha (Speculatin’ CD)

Intro Tune: Take It Off The Top – Dixie Dregs
Outro Tune: Hot Cha – Dave Specter
Background Link Tunes: Mik The Who

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A Dublin music fan, singer, songwriter, guitar enthusiast and presenter of the ever popular Saturday Afternoon Classic Rock Show on Dublin City FM for many years. Mik The Who, nicknamed as such, due to his globe traveling support and devotion to his favourite rock heroes The Who since the late 60’s.Read More

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